Kaiwaka, New Zealand

Miscellaneous news on a rainy New Zealand afternoon:

– the chickens that I have been diligently feeding every morning before breakfast have finally laid their first egg since I arrived here, yippee!

– I have been planting a forest of tiny trees that will hopefully be really tall in around 70 years’ time – that’s if they survive being attacked by a howling wind and torrential rainshowers about an hour after I planted them . . .

– plans for the next few days – more tree-planting, picking mandarins and macademia nuts, a bring-and-share eco-village dinner and a bit of baking.

Kaiwaka, New Zealand

I’m now in New Zealand, staying on the North Island and WWOOFing at Otamatea Eco-Village.

View from the farm

Life here is rather wonderful – lots of fun jobs to do on the farm during the day (herding cows, feeding chickens, planting, weeding) and a wood-burning stove to curl up in front of in the evening.

I am spending all day in scruffy clothes and wellies, my make-up is lost somewhere at the bottom of my rucksack, there is a horse in the garden who eats jam sandwiches and I am loving every minute of it!

Auckland, New Zealand

I got an awesome haircut from a very sweet Korean lady in Auckland!  Here’s a picture I took of myself shortly afterwards (because it never looks the same after you’ve washed it, does it?)  How vain am I . . .

Self-portrait with awesome haircut