Wayanad, India

Wayanad wasn’t on my original Kerala itinerary, but I decided to travel there from Tiruvannamalai after getting an invite from another of the houses run by the Grace & Compassion sisters.  And I’m so glad I did, as it’s definitely up there on the list of “most beautiful places I have ever visited” (jostling with Norway and Ladakh for the top spot).  The landscape is extravagantly, improbably green and covered with foliage – even the main roads look like a botanical garden:

Wayanad forest

Palm trees

The landscape is dotted with tea plantations, rice paddies and waterfalls:

Tea plants

Rice paddy

At Meenmuti Falls

Quite simply a magical place.

3 thoughts on “Wayanad, India

  1. What stunning scenery! It is always interesting to see what plants look like before they are processed!

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