Home again

Terminal 5

I’ve now finished my world tour and am back in the UK.  It’s fabulous to see my family and friends again even if adjusting to the English winter is a bit of a challenge . . . thank you so much to everyone for reading the blog and for all your comments, it’s meant a lot to know that you’ve been following all my adventures!  See you all soon xx

Kochi, India

I’m writing this from Kochi, a rather gorgeous port looking out towards the Arabian Sea.  There’s a tiny beach, a seaside promenade and lots of nice cafes – just my kind of place!

Fishing net, Kochi

Kochi is near to the region’s famous backwaters, a network of waterways connecting the tiny villages that make up inland Kerala.  Travelling by punt along the little remote canals was a completely wonderful experience – drifting under rows of coconut palms, spotting kingfishers and wild peppercorns on the canal banks.

Kerala backwaters


Wayanad, India

Wayanad wasn’t on my original Kerala itinerary, but I decided to travel there from Tiruvannamalai after getting an invite from another of the houses run by the Grace & Compassion sisters.  And I’m so glad I did, as it’s definitely up there on the list of “most beautiful places I have ever visited” (jostling with Norway and Ladakh for the top spot).  The landscape is extravagantly, improbably green and covered with foliage – even the main roads look like a botanical garden:

Wayanad forest

Palm trees

The landscape is dotted with tea plantations, rice paddies and waterfalls:

Tea plants

Rice paddy

At Meenmuti Falls

Quite simply a magical place.