Jaisalmer, India

Jaisalmer is the place to go if you want to jump on a camel and head off into the Great Thar Desert, and that’s just what I’ve been doing over the last couple of days:


Camels ready for action

We set off in a Jeep from Jaisalmer in the morning and drove into the desert to meet our camels.  After trekking all day (with a break for lunch and a siesta), we headed towards beautiful sand dunes where we watched the sun set.

At the sand dunes

In the evening we ate a delicious (and enormous) meal of vegetarian curry, dhal, rice and chapati, cooked on the campfire by our lovely “camel-men” Abdullah and Harish.  We slept under the stars on camp beds, then watched the sun rise over the desert with a nice cup of chai before heading back to Jaisalmer.

Campfire chai

Camel riding is very relaxing, if not the most comfortable experience ever!  My camel, the rather eccentrically named “Johnny Number One”,didn’t seem too keen on my attempts to steer him but was very happy to pose for pictures:

Johnny Number One

Johnny & I with matching cheesy grins!

Ready to set off

T.E. Lawrence of Little Billing!

On the last day of my Rajasthan adventures, today I’ve been visiting Jaisalmer Fort and the Jain Temples, and admiring the colourful pictures of Ganesh painted all over the walls in Jaisalmer:

Carvings at Jain Temples

Jain Temples


Tonight I take the sleeper train to Delhi and then on to South India, which promises to be a different world once again . . .





3 thoughts on “Jaisalmer, India

  1. Another animal to add to your list of introductions to the wildlife and perhaps another form of travel.
    I now understand why one of my friends loves that part of the world as well.
    I wish I was there.

  2. These pictures are so amazing! Your comment re. your camel followed by the pictures of it made me burst out in laughter! It seems you more than met your match there!!! 🙂 xxx

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