Kakadu and Litchfield National Parks, Australia

My last stops in Australia were two beautiful national parks in the Northern Territory, Kakadu and Litchfield.  I hired a car to tour around the national parks, which turned into a bit of an epic road trip – I covered over 1000km over the three days, soundtracked by my new favourite Ozzie radio station, Triple J.  I didn’t hit any kangaroos, although I did spot one by the side of the road which scuttled off fairly sharpish when it saw me approaching at top speed . . .

As well as doing some lovely walking in Kakadu, I saw lots of paintings created by the Aboriginal inhabitants of the region, many thousands of years ago.


View from Nabab lookout, Kakadu

Aboriginal rock art

Litchfield was also gorgeous but completely different: another stunning Australian rainforest landscape with streams and waterfalls trickling through the park.  I think the rainforests are my favourite places in Australia – there’s just so much to explore and see in them, and of course so many lovely (croc-free!) places to swim in.

Litchfield National Park


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  1. Frances – Nice post, lovely photos. We’ve enjoyed all of the Australian blog posts and are looking forward to a plenitude of posts from Hong Kong and India! Baci – Papà

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