Kaiwaka, New Zealand

I’m now in New Zealand, staying on the North Island and WWOOFing at Otamatea Eco-Village.

View from the farm

Life here is rather wonderful – lots of fun jobs to do on the farm during the day (herding cows, feeding chickens, planting, weeding) and a wood-burning stove to curl up in front of in the evening.

I am spending all day in scruffy clothes and wellies, my make-up is lost somewhere at the bottom of my rucksack, there is a horse in the garden who eats jam sandwiches and I am loving every minute of it!

4 thoughts on “Kaiwaka, New Zealand

  1. Frances – on the little and often principle you get 1 out of 2; the 1 being little!!! Seriously though, a small but perfectly formed post with a great photo. It could almost be Lunigiana if the weather was warmer and the mountains higher. Is that a lake or the sea. and have you swum in it yet? – Baci, Papà

  2. Wow, when I did my one week work experience on a farm aged 15, I had had enough of the hard work by the end of day 1!! I’m so impressed by everything you’re doing. Glad you’re having a fab time – and the haircut looks impressive!!

    Lots of love,
    L xxx

  3. Yes, this is all very well, but have there been any Amish dress-wearing opportunities??! 🙂 The farm looks stunning! Kxx

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