Kaiwaka, New Zealand

Miscellaneous news on a rainy New Zealand afternoon:

– the chickens that I have been diligently feeding every morning before breakfast have finally laid their first egg since I arrived here, yippee!

– I have been planting a forest of tiny trees that will hopefully be really tall in around 70 years’ time – that’s if they survive being attacked by a howling wind and torrential rainshowers about an hour after I planted them . . .

– plans for the next few days – more tree-planting, picking mandarins and macademia nuts, a bring-and-share eco-village dinner and a bit of baking.

2 thoughts on “Kaiwaka, New Zealand

  1. Wow! Tree planting can be really rewarding! I have done it 3 or 4 times. I hope that they survive to maturity!

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