Northampton, MA

Northampton banner

Well, I finally made it to Northampton, Massachusetts, after a rather eventful (and long) journey involving two subways, five buses and one flat tyre.

Northampton, Massachusetts is not all that reminiscent of Northampton, England.  Things it has that Northampton, England does not include a beautiful women’s college, lots of hipster shops and an Occupy movement.

Occupy Northampton

I was incredibly excited to visit and had an excellent conversation with a postcard-selling man about the two Northamptons and about the film “Kinky Boots”. I also took lots of photos of everything that had “Northampton” written on it, for example:

The history of Fran in Northampton . . .

2 thoughts on “Northampton, MA

  1. Looks like fun. Sorry I missed you but we can compare photo’s when you get back. Enjoy

  2. Haha, that post made me laugh. Sounds like you’re having an amazing time! Fiji looks beautiful! x

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