Caqalai, Fiji

Just back from an overnight trip to Caqalai, a tiny, blissful desert island in Fiji.  I’ve had a wonderful twenty-four hours of swimming, bonfires on the beach and delicious fish to eat before a rather bumpy boat ride back to the mainland.

Desert island


I stayed in a very cosy “bure” overlooking the beach.

My bure

I tried snorkeling for the first time in Caqalai, which I loved – the coral was absolutely beautiful as were the tiny, luminous, multi-coloured fish and inky blue starfish everywhere.

The most exciting bit of the trip was the moment at 6.30am this morning when a shark swam right past me!  I was reasonably terrified (although apparently the type of shark I saw is a friendly shark that doesn’t eat people) but haven’t stopped talking about it since . . .

Less scary sea creatures

Off for further island adventures this weekend in the Yasawas, so I’ll post more pictures soon.  Happy Jubilee Weekend everyone!


5 thoughts on “Caqalai, Fiji

  1. WOW!! Sounds like you have had a wonderful time so far. The plant photos were lovely. xx

  2. 1. What were you doing up at 0630 when you are on hols?!
    2. I encountered a few sharks whilst diving/snorkeling the biggest being a 5ft white tipped reef shark. He/she was more scared of me and bolted as soon as!

    Glad you are having such a fun time! X

  3. From coups to sharks – the adventures aren’t letting up, I see! Hope you’re still having a fabulous time, Fiji looks stunning! Kxx

  4. Hello! A late comment for a lot of blogs:

    1) LOVED your Dad’s comment when you left – he’s always welcome here if it involves being brought tea in the morning! 🙂
    2) Glad your America sight seeing trips went well, fab pictures and really interesting differences between all the places.
    3) Fiji looks AMAZING!!! Can’t believe you’ve nearly been eaten by a shark and have been snorkling!! Fantastic. Hope you keep having such a fab time.

    Loads of love,
    Lorraine xx

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