Boston bound

At Heathrow en route to Boston

At Heathrow en route to Boston

My dad kindly got out of bed early to take me to the airport. My dad brought me a cup of tea in bed to bring me gently into the land of the living. My dad gave up a good part of his Saturday to drive me to Heathrow. My dad took this photo of me in the departure hall. My dad posted it on my blog and wrote this self-effacing entry.

6 thoughts on “Boston bound

  1. well done Andrew Fran is off on another great adventure,, love to you an Cathy as she sets off again….Have a great time Fran xx

  2. Hi Frances, I read your blogs from Mali and now I am going to follow your world trip. Your Dad and I go our (exclusive) Italian class together. Fiji sounds wonderful. Jennie

  3. Hahahahaha! Good work Andrew… your daughter really should blog more! x x

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