I went to the market in Bamako today (see pictures below).  So much to see – fruit, vegetables, musical instruments, masks, and most wonderfully of all thousands of different fabrics in every imaginable colour and pattern.  All of us girls bought some fabric to get outfits made up for the wedding that we have been invited to next weekend (the daughter of the Operational Director at FEMAPH, one of the charities we are working with, is getting married).  Will post some photos of me in my new outfit next week!


2 thoughts on “Market

  1. It’s really fascinating seeing the photos of Mali. The masks look fun. I hope you are having a great time.

  2. Hello Frantastique!!! I’m happily catching up on all the Mali news and gossip – thanks so much for the descriptions and fantastic photos, they really give a great sense of life, vibrancy and interest. I really hope you’re enjoying being there and getting to know the locals and their way of life. I’d love to know the gossip… 🙂 and look forward to the next entries when they come! Keep on having a great time. Thinking of you here, with love, Lorraine xx
    Hello Fran (its Andy here!) groovy masks..i’l ave to get me one of those for trips to the prospective mother in laws :0).Take care and find yourself a handsome Mali prince xx

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