Mali food . . .

. . . is pretty delicious and comes in very large portions!

Breakfast options include rather nice baguettes, pains au chocolat and pains au raisin from our local boulangerie; maize porridge (smells like custard, delicious with jam) or fruit (papayas, mangos, bananas and coconuts!)

My favourite Mali dinners so far have been:

–         chicken yassa – chicken with a sweet and spicy onion sauce)

–         brochettes de capitaine – kebabs made from fish from the River Niger, delicious with really garlicky peas and sautéed potatoes (Malian fish and chips!)

–         rice with “sauce de feuilles” (literally “leaf sauce” – green, spinachy and salty) or “sauce arachide (peanut sauce)

–         spicy tomato-y meat or fish stew with mashed yam at out local Ivorian or Togolese restaurants, where you wander into the outdoor kitchen and wait for the smiley chef to take the lids of all the different saucepans so you can choose your lunch (and order via a mixture of French, Bambara and exaggerated Brit-abroad pointing)

More culinary highlights (and possibly even some food photography) to come as I continue my exploration of Bamako’s restaurant scene . . .

3 thoughts on “Mali food . . .

  1. The food sounds very “interesting”. We are just off for a pub lunch. If they don’t have “brochettes de capitaine” on the menu. I will probably order the fish cakes!

    Lots of love – Nanny

    • Hey Nanny,

      Hope you had a lovely pub lunch and a fab weekend with Mum & Dad. I haven’t yet found any fishcakes in Mali but will keep looking!

      lots of love,


  2. Hi Francis – looks like you are having an amazing time! Will be following your adventures and hope to hear more when you get back. Clare 🙂

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