Bamako here I come!

Well, I’m all packed and ready to fly this afternoon. I’ve got all the essentials (I think) including tickets, passport, yellow fever certificate, entry visa for Mali and (ahem) four different types of teabag. Time for the adventures to begin!

7 thoughts on “Bamako here I come!

  1. Have fun and enjoy your trip of a lifetime–your friends and family will miss you loads but I guess they are all feeling just a bit jealous of the wonderful adventure that is about to start….Take care…xxx

  2. A bientot…the extent of my french for now.
    Have a great time.
    Looking forward to reading all your posts.
    God bless you in this venture
    Jen & John

  3. have an absolutely brilliant time, keep us posted, enjoy it, take pics, lots of love xx

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