Hello world!

. . . and welcome to my first ever blog post, which I’m typing at my parents’ place in Northampton four days before I fly to Bamako! Eeek!

It’s been a busy few weeks, involving lots and lots of Christmas and New Year-related fun, finishing up at work, moving out of my flat and trying to get myself organised for Mali. But my to-do list is finally looking manageable and I’m getting pretty excited about flying on Sunday.

There are so many things that I’m looking forward to about my time in Bamako – the voluntary work I’ll be doing there, experiencing a different culture, speaking French, the music scene, escaping the British winter (!) – and although I’m sure I’ll be feeling pretty nervous on Sunday evening when I’m on the plane, at the moment I just can’t wait.

Until then, I’ll be packing, unpacking, repacking; having regular freak-outs about the exact location of my passport, yellow fever certificate and invitation letter to Mali; and saying tearful farewells to bezzie mates in London and Northampton and to my family.

I’ll try to post some first impressions of Bamako next week. A bientôt!

9 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Hello Frantastique! I can feel the excitement coming off your blog! You will have a wonderful time and I really look forward to reading the updates on your website. I’m adding the page onto favourites so watch out…! Have a safe journey and there’s no need to say have fun because it’ll come your way! With love, The (non-ghostly) Spirit of 23 West Road xxx

  2. OMG! I cant wait to hear all about your adventures. Im sending you positive vibes for a safe and happy journey. Au revoir mon amie!

  3. This will be a very interesting blog to follow as we work our way through a snow less northern Maine winter! Good Luck and Enjoy!

  4. Lovely! Wish I had one of these when I was travelling, I sent round robin emails and subsequently don’t have them anymore 🙁

    You’ll have a great time I am sure and you sound much more “together” than I was before I left for my year away! The packing bit is always fun. Looking forward to chatting with you before the off, have a great time, I am sure you will, you are doing great things.

    Please enjoy some warmer weather for the rest of us.
    Love, hugs and best wishes
    Karen xx

  5. Hi Fran

    I like the blog you have created. This is to wish you all the very best for the next few months.

  6. I’m new to the blog world. Thank you for this opportunity.

    For you however, the world is your oyster. You are opening it up to explore and then reflect on it for yourself. I wish you all the best with your travels and your volunteering. The experience will change you but I hope also enrich you.

    Best wishes


  7. Hi! Francis, just a quick good luck message from June and me. I’m sorry we didn’t get to see you before you left, but be assured you will never be far from our thoughts whilst you are away.
    Once again good luck and have a great time,

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